Web Maintenance Rates

With our reduced web maintenance prices you will always have your web page protected and updated.

  1. Websites up to 1GB, an additional € 5 for each extra 1GB.
  2. It consists of anti-virus, spam prevention, and malicious user blocking measures.
  3. Web pages and their plugins are based on programming languages that are updated almost daily. It is vital to keep the website up-to-date to correct possible security flaws and prevent hacker attacks and virus, Trojan or malware infection.
  4. It is common for a website to be “down” for a few seconds when the server is updated, but sometimes the website goes down due to power outages or other types of failures. Monitoring the status of the web allows us to make quick decisions (such as temporarily redirecting users to our social networks or another web page) and thus prevent the bad image that a fallen web gives.

* Prices VAT not included.
** No fixed term.

Web Maintenance Jobs

Below we present some of the web pages that we have created and to which we offer our web maintenance services.

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